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Frontals Hair Extensions

If you need coverage at your front hairline, our frontal hair extensions are an excellent choice. They are made of 100% human remy hair. We recommend the clip-in bangs and fringe hair extensions. They cover up an uneven hairline quickly and with fuller coverage. You will get customizable bangs which are light, comfortable. They also look completely natural and will blend well with our natural hair. Our clip- in bangs are one of the best styles in this category. It offers a slightly larger base than other clip-in bangs, which gives you extra coverage and makes blending less of a challenge. A portion of the base is also monofilament, which is unique for clip-in bangs.If you need coverage along your part area, we recommend our clip-in top pieces with a small base They add both seamless coverage and extra fullness at the part, disguising thinning hair or hair loss. Because these pieces have a smaller base, they're very lightweight and comfortable. They also give the look a natural hair part. It offers a slightly thinner base than a traditional top piece so it's unbelievably difficult to detect. These top pieces may be small but they offer incredible results!

There are no products matching the selection.